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Our Savior, the dayspring from the East, has visited us from on high,
and we, who were in darkness and shadow, have found the truth, for the Lord is
born of the Virgin!-The Exapostilarion of the Nativity

All the darkness and shadow of the unknown is cast away today, dear brothers and sisters, as the Savior is born unto us! For centuries, man suffered by being divided from God through sin, only knowing Him as a shadow. But today, the God-Man is born, and every understanding of God is enlightened, enriched and seen by the eyes and hearts of men.

From man’s fall until the coming of Christ, man only understood God from the point of view of death, as he was outside of communion with God. When Christ God, the Second Person of the Holy Trinity, took on flesh and became Man, then man’s freedom from sin and death finally became possible. Christ our God did this in order to show His unending love for mankind, coming not to reign as an earthly king, but rather to suffer and show His sacrificial love for us. He willingly went to His own crucifixion in order to destroy death, resurrect from the dead and thereby resurrect all of us. Truly, even with the celebration of the Lord’s birth, we are looking towards His resurrection.

May our Lord Jesus Christ, the God-Child, grant every joy, peace and health to all of you, our dear spiritual children, granting that He be born in the manger of our hearts—hearts purified by Holy Confession and Communion. May He ever reign there, casting away all troubles, division and sorrow, shining forth the incorruptible light of His Evangelic truth.

Christ is Born! Truly He is Born!

Happy and Blessed New Year 2017!

+ L O N G I N

Bishop of New Gracanica and Midwestern America


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