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24th Sunday after Pentecost. Tone 7. Resurrection Gospel 2. (Mk 16:1-8).

Liturgical Reading: Epistle: 221. (Eph 2:14-22). Gospel: Luke 39. (8:41-56).


Thursday October 8th:

Holy and Glorious Great-martyr Demetrius the Myrrhobletes of Thessalonica:

Emperor Maximian made Demetrius military commander in his father past away and the Emperor expected him to persecute and exterminate the Christians in Salonica. Demetrius disobeyed and openly confessed and preached Christ the Lord in the city. He was imprisoned.  Where an angel of the Lord appeared to him and said: “Peace be with thee, thou sufferer for Christ; be brave and strong!” One day while the saint of God was at prayer the soldiers ran him through with spears. Christians secretly took his body and gave it burial, and there flowed from it a healing myrrh by which many of the sick were healed.


Schedule of Services


Thursday,Nov.8, 2018 – The Holy and Great Martyr Dimitrios: Liturgy at 10 AM. Cutting of the Kolac at 9AM.

Sunday, Nov. 11, 2018 – Liturgy and Church School at 10 AM.

Fr. Srđan Veselinović will be serving this Sunday. Welcome again Fr. Srđan.


Church School


Children will have Church School classes and folklore practice on November 11th. Please register your children for Church School and Folklore! Welcome all.


Other church offerings and events for this week


Lunch for the children and the adults will be available after the Liturgy in the church hall.


Annual Lifeline Christmas Drive


We are thankful to all that donated to Lifeline drive for Zvecanska orphanage in Belgrade. All children will receive new clothes and winter jackets for Christmas.


We pray for the health and salvation for the servants of God: Zorica Jovanovic, Dimitrije Micic, Rade Radovic, Miroslav Nikolic, Stanojla Varagic, Zorica Radojcic, Ratko Jovanovic, Branka Pavlovic, Mirjana Bozovich,  and Bozika Miljkovic.


We pray for the repose of the souls of the servants of God: +Žarko Ɖekić, +Zarko Djurdjevic, +Jelena Pavlovic, +Imgard Prodanovic, + Jelena Opsenica, + Ljubinka Jovanovic, + Mirko Soljaga, +Pantelija Ruzicic, +Mijajle Bicanin, + Draga Ostojic, +Milan Radakovic, +Jovan Iljenkarevic, +Ljiljana Smilic, +Dragica Carapic, and +Dragan Krunic.


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